JonnyQ Bespoke·Friday, 25 January 2019

The Ethical Choice

Converting over to different brands and changing your buying habits can be difficult, especially for those that are stubborn or loyal to favourite stores. Switching over involves an open mind and taking into consideration the real damage Diamonds can inflict onto our world. However sometimes we need to look at the ethical and environmentally peaceful option. Our Lab grown diamonds are an innovative and sustainable solution to these devastating impacts the diamond industry has on the natural environment. Unlike the diamond mining industry, the process of producing our lab grown diamonds miss out the biodiversity loss, deforestation, land and soil degradation and decline in water and air quality which all collectively contribute to anthropogenic climate change.

So what are they and how are they grown?

Also known as synthetic diamonds, lab grown diamonds are man-made, produced in a controlled laboratory environment. We use advanced and innovated technology to imitate the extreme pressures found deep within Earth’s mantle where diamonds grow naturally. This “manufactured” environment uphold the same physical and chemical composition of the diamonds we have all come to fall in love with and appreciate.Our lab grown diamonds are produced in Western Europe and North America, above the ground! The only difference is that nothing is harmed in the making of our diamond!

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