JonnyQ Bespoke· Thursday, 14 February 2019

So the UK’s ethical retailer sector has grown by over £40bn since 2008, with households spending an average of £1,263 on sustainabe goods just last year (Ethical Consumer). The interest in Fairtrade Goods and growing things organically has rocketed, expanding from just a trend into a fully fledged movement. With more and more people are jumping on board every day it is clear this one is here to stay. Its an admirable feat to see this domino effect filtering down the market as people start to question and seek the provenance of their food, fashion and most importantly to us, their jewellery and who is producing it… Criteo’s recent report (Pyschology of Shopping) showed 40% of the the UK feel more positive about brands that publicise their ethical standards. So we are going to start using the internet to make it easier for people to discover our more moral and sustainable options when it comes to gold, metals, diamonds and so much more. We want you to leave our store with a ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling as your buying habits transform from guilty pleasure to a virtue to not just yourself but your world. Our world! So come on in, have a nose, ask some questions, visit our website. Let’s embrace this ecological movement and continue in the right direction: forward.

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