JonnyQ Bespoke·Thursday, 24 January 2019 So, people are often asking why we do what we do? First of all, we do everything. Yes, we design and create what you tell us to design and create. Here at JQ the possibilities are endless as metals and stones become your oyster to build a dream. Secondly and on a more serious note, people ask if we are ignoring the issues surrounding diamonds

Valentine’s Capsule Collection It’s the perfect time of year to take a minute and give yourself a little love. With the dark nights and winter blues, let JonnyQ bring a little sparkle into your day with our capsule collection of pieces to warm the heart…


Mar 2019

Just Organic

The Organic range is exclusive to Justice, showcasing the Pebble, Concrete and Organic collections. Designed to have an organic feel and texture, these rings naturally shape around the formation of your finger to create the perfect fit. We seek to go against the ‘norm’ and design pieces which are exciting and unique. Our bespoke service allows you to have complete control over your order, creating something special that will last

JonnyQ Bespoke·Friday, 25 January 2019 The Ethical Choice Converting over to different brands and changing your buying habits can be difficult, especially for those that are stubborn or loyal to favourite stores. Switching over involves an open mind and taking into consideration the real damage Diamonds can inflict onto our world. However sometimes we need to look at the ethical and environmentally peaceful option. Our Lab grown diamonds are an


Mar 2019


JonnyQ Bespoke·Friday, 25 January 2019 So the Fairtrade Organisation have a piece on their website, all about Gold and how it is a symbol of love, power and wealth. What I enjoyed about it was the awareness they bring to their posts surrounding the harsh reality of mining and the not so glamorous side. Gold is mined all over the world but still, 90% of gold miners globally are artisanal

JonnyQ Bespoke· Thursday, 14 February 2019 So the UK’s ethical retailer sector has grown by over £40bn since 2008, with households spending an average of £1,263 on sustainabe goods just last year (Ethical Consumer). The interest in Fairtrade Goods and growing things organically has rocketed, expanding from just a trend into a fully fledged movement. With more and more people are jumping on board every day it is clear this